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Mum's Travel Tips

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Mum loving the backstreets of Fitzroy, Melbourne. Photo by Peter Derrett Photography

At 80 years of age my Mum still loves travelling. She hasn't quite mastered the world of the internet so I'm always tasked with booking her flights.

Departure times are a big consideration as Mum lives an hour from Brisbane airport. If my sister is not able to drive her then she needs to factor into her itinerary a 90 minute train journey from Cleveland to the terminal; price is important but so too is convenience.

Also Mum can no longer go 'up and down' the stairs to get on a plane, so now looks for flights that can guarantee access via an air-bridge.

She still travels regularly from Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne.

Mum's Travel Tips

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. She likes to get there two hours prior to departure time, even for a domestic flight.

  2. She takes a book, an egg sandwich and a bottle of water in her hand luggage.

  3. She says she can feel the stress of leaving home (preparing meals for Dad, packing and completing her chores) the minute she gets to the departure gate. Her holiday starts then!

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